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alike will be there. bidding begins. a lucky reporter from our santa rosa station got a preview. >> this was used in a library, one of her libraries in her home. >> reporter: auction house owner frank kaminski walked me through the show rooms after oprah pointed out some of her favorite things. >> these items came from her chicago studios. so these were -- there's a lot of interest in these particular chairs. they are italian. she stored her sweaters in here and personal items and this is something from her indiana home, estimated to bring 300 to 500 and it is up to $850. >> reporter: over 60,000 people from the united states, 5,000 from canada and even the philippines and india are getting in on the on-line bidding. 600 items are up for items, some with a starting bid of $150. >> gives you a peek inside to her personality and what she likes. >> i love her art work that she has so that she has so far. i think that's the best part to me. >> oprah's art work is getting a lot of attention. pieces going for 1,000 or more. this doll, 5,000 to 8,000. an original from the late
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1